New Face Book Page 20th January 2012

This has been put in place by two members of the IVA, Dr Elaine Cebuliak and Dr Ross Perry, who are running it as their private project. It is not an action of or sponsored by either the IVA and AVA. They aim to provide a forum for discussion between all animal health care professionals. We wish them well, it should provide much needed communication.

Facebook Australian Holistic Animal Health Practitioners Discussion Group

Nutraceutical product brands include

Metagenics, Pretorius, Nordic Naturals, Bio concepts, Bioceuticals, Biological Therapies, Eagle, Mavlab, Naturevet, Nutrition Care, Thorne, Vets all Natural, Blackmores pet range

Herbal product brands include

Mediherb, Sun Ten, Cathay herbs, Black pearl, Phytomedicine

Suppliers include

Biological Therapies


Fx Meds



Naturapathic Remedies Group (N.R.G) 

All Rare Herbs

Medicine Garden Lismore

On the RAAN website,, there is a list of sponsors who supply many large and some small animal nutraceuticals as well as other products.
Prydes, Provimi, Jefo, ADM, Elanco, Feedworks, Alltech, ABVista, Addcon, BEC, Novus, and Ridley.


Each Veterinary practice tends now to have a supplier of some sort, eg Provet, Cenvet and Animal Supplies.

Homeopathic suppliers include


Brauer Therapeutics

Martin and Pleasance

Acupuncture suppliers include


Many of these companies run educational seminars and have extensive information available about their products.